#JesssjustineCooks Easy Chicken Biryani

    Kickstart my February blog post with another blog project of mine, #JesssjustineCooks. I love to cook and I’ve always had a dream to write my own recipe book. But for now, sharing with you guys the recipes that I’ve tried should suffice. I’m using the hashtag #JesssjustineCooks on my Instagram as well to share my cooking. If you happen to be on Instagram, please checkout the hashtag 🙂 So without further a due, let’s proceed to the recipe that I’ve tried recently.

    I have this huge LOVEEEEEEE for Indian food and I just love how the spices are combined together well in the dishes! I have so many favourite Indian dishes like Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tandoori and eat them with Naan, the spiciness of the curries and not forgetting the Chicken Biryani.

    Talking about Chicken Biryani, this was the dish that I’ve tried to cook last week and I can pretty much said that I succeeded. Briyani is an Indian rice dish that uses Basmathi rice and it is cooked with your preferred choice of protein. It can be chicken, beef, lamb; all works! This dish is so fragrant from the herbs and spices that are also cooked with the rice and the protein. I actually never thought that I can actually make it. Cos as you all know, it is hard to balance the herbiness especially in Indian cooking. For this particular dish, I still use all the herbs that are listed in the list of ingredients but in small amount.

    A pro tip from me: To avoid the herb to overpower and mess up the entire dish, just use a tiny amount. Don’t let herbs to stop you from using them at all!

    So I’ve chosen the Chicken Biryani recipe from BBC Good Cook because compared to all the recipes found on Google. It’s the simplest recipe as well as the list of ingredients are not much too. So it won’t burst your wallet in buying the ingredients. I’ve made some changes to the list ingredients to suit my taste. The most expensive ingredient from the list I would say is the Basmathi rice. But the rest are quite cheap and affordable. Let’s go to the recipe!

    Easy Chicken Biryani

    Prep time: 25 minutes

    Cooking time: 1 hour 20 minutes

    Difficulty: Intermediate

    Serving: 5-6 people

    The Ingredients:



    • 5 cups of Basmathi Rice
    • 3 tbsp of Coconut Oil
    • 1 large Onion, chopped
    • 1 dry Bay leaf
    • 3 Cardamom pods
    • 1 small Cinnamon
    • 1 tsp Turmeric powder
    • 2 Chicken breasts, cut into large chunks
    • 4 tbsp of Curry powder
    • 1 small packet of raisin and cherry mix
    • 6 cups of water
    • Salt, Sugar and Pepper to taste
    • 1 cube of Chicken stock
    • 1 handful of chopped Coriander to serve

    Cooking Instruction:

    1. Wash and soak the rice, leave it dry. Mix 2 tbsp of Curry with the chicken chunks to marinate.  Heat Coconut oil in a pot and cook the Onion until caramelized then add the Bay leaf and other spices until fragrant.
    2. At this stage, put the fire on high. Add in the Turmeric and Curry powder and cook for 5 minutes then add in the marinated chicken. Cook the chicken until it medium done and add in the rice. Stir the rice for a couple of minutes, add the cube chicken stock and 6 cups of water. Stir the rice well and constantly check for the cube chicken stock to make sure that it is dissolved in the water.
    3. When the water is boiling and bubbly, put the fire on medium and keep stirring. When the water is thick and almost the same level as the rice, put the fire on low and this time. Add in the raisin and cherry mix and stir. Then cover the pot and let the rice cook.
    4. Keep checking for the rice and you can stir the rice every 5 minutes to avoid burnt rice at the bottom of the pot. It is also to check whether the rice is cooking in unison.
    5. The rice will get fluffed. To know whether the rice is cooked, get a spoon and try the rice. You’ll know when it’s done.
    6. Scatter the chopped Coriander on top and voilà! Your Chicken Biryani is ready to be served!


    I hope this post will inspire you then you would want to try making dishes that are foreign to you. Please share with me your experience of cooking foreign cuisine and also your unique cooking tips 🙂

    Thank you for reading and until next post,

    Jess x