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Hi there and welcome to this new humble blog of mine. I believe that first step is the toughest for anything. That includes figuring out what I wanted to start things off with this blog. I guess I should share with you guys the decision to create this new blog. Why would I make a new blog whereas I already have one? After deep thoughts with heavy consideration and not forgetting endless mugs of coffee, I have decided to have a new blog. With a very heavy heart, I will be abandoning the old one that I have circa 2009.

Here goes..

This decision was indeed a very hard one for me to make. I easily attach my feelings or emotions with lifeless things, indeed the old blog definitely has a special place in my heart. The intention to have a new blog has long been lingering since last year. The reason for that is I have lost the excitement in blogging and I believe blogging to the old blog is one of the main reasons that caused that excitement to dim itself. It’s not that I want to find anything to put the blame on but I guess I just want to keep myself away from the many fond memories that have turned to bad remembrance that I have shared on that blog. I just can’t make myself to delete those posts as they were writings that were honest and emotional, especially posts that are related to my ex. I know this reason might seemed a little dramatic to some people cos yeah those are just postings. But to me, they were more than that. They were my heart-pours.

Another reason that also highly affects the decision is because I am now more interested to produce more “mature” contents. In addition to that, I actually have a future planning for my blog. I really want to get my blog its own domain and self-hosting. If I still continue to post for the old blog, it would not have the vibe that I wanted. The old blog actually contains all my immature rants in my teen years about hating school, the “I can’t wait to graduate so that I can work and get my own money” type of posts. I must say re-reading them irk me but they made me go down the memory lane. It made me reminisce and I can’t believe that I was such a dramatic bitch back then.


Those are the main reasons for this new voyage. I hope that my writing muse will come back strong as I do not want this passion of mine to be M.I.A again. I pray that I can keep up and maintain this blog much better than the old one.

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