Journal #1 Baby Fever!

I don’t know when does this feeling start but my motherly instinct has kicked in. I know it’s just too soon for me to even have this kind of feeling, let alone to get pregnant! The wedding is expected to be in July 2019 and I’m having all these emotions now. Crazy? Can be but boy, baby fever is real & it’s on full swing!

I keep seeing cute babies and I believe that babies are attracted to me. Random babies kept looking at me even at the mall or when I’m out anywhere. I waved at them, they seem to smile.

I’m so ready for a baby that I’m now preparing my body to conceive. I’ve been eating healthily and taking supplements. And not forgetting exercising, although this is actually to lose weight & inches for the wedding! I even went to do a body scan just to know if there’s any problem in my body like vitamin deficiency and what not. Apparently, there are a few vitamins & nutrient that I’m lacking of and that’s why I’ve been taking supplements. Do you know that your body need to have enough nutrients and vitamin cos your baby will take more than half of them while being pregnant?

I told this baby fever that I’m having to Clarence, the fiancé and he let out a little laugh.

“Baby making project is definitely on after the wedding but I don’t think I want to share you too soon!” Said Clarence. I feel giddy inside but I don’t know if I want to wait!

We had the talk, telling each other how many kids that we want and discussing how are we going raise the kids given that we are in a long distance relationship. It was a fruitful talk, it’s good that we have a common ground on this.

Recently Clarence and I attended our bestfriend’s wedding. I brought his 3 years old niece to go with us and I enjoyed the company of this kid so much. She was such a darling kid! I pretty much feel like a mother taking care of her daughter. I did almost everything from feeding her, dancing with her. Myself even washed her bottom after she pooped. She always wanted to follow me whenever I go, we bonded and became really close. I kept glancing at Clarence and dropping hints to Clarence that I’m capable in taking care of a kid. I don’t think he has seen this side of me before. He seemed to be getting the hints and smiled at me while rubbing my back.

I really hope that this baby fever will subside cos I can’t be thinking too much about having babies nor making them as the wedding is approaching. I still have so many things to prepare for the wedding. And I don’t mind for it to come back when the wedding date is near. But not now, please no.

Until next post, Jess x

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