Coffee date at the usuals, The B Side Café!

It has been so long since my last post for my blog series project “Indulgence of Café Hoppin’ with Jess (KK City Series)”. Apologize for the hiatus but I am here with another review one of my favourite cafés. This particular café that I am sharing with you in this “Indulgence of Café Hoppin’ with Jess (KK City Series)” is The B Side Café located in Lido Plaza. This café actually has become a favourite hangout place for Clarence and I. It has been a tradition for us that whenever Clarence comes to KK to visit me, we will go to this café to enjoy coffee and whatever cakes that are on display. Since the café is just a few steps away from Mr. DIY, that made me love to go to that café even more!

I believe The B Side café is one of the long lasting cafés in KK. It has opened for I think more than 4 years. It’s good that the café is still around cos I would say that their coffee is one of the best coffees that I’ve had. I’ve been to this particular café probably more than 10 times as it’s pretty close from home to, about 15 minutes drive! I’m glad that I have decent café that is near to me.

So let’s talk decor!

The space is decorated so beautifully and I particularly like their exterior floor tiles! Perfect for flat lays and maybe a picture of your legs for the ‘gram! I love their gorgeous white brick wall. Even the interior furniture are all minimalist, which I absolutely adore. Same goes to their exterior furniture. Don’t even get me on how much I love the hanging lights in the café!

So many food and drinks but so little time…

For coffee, I will ALWAYS choose either Iced Latte, Cappucino or just plain but good Long Black! Oh God that sounds so wrong but you get what I mean, right? 🤣 And their Long Black is really good but of course I will have to rush to toilet after that as it is a good laxative! Clarence always order their Iced Mocha, Clarence is not really a huge coffee drinker like I am but he does have a sweet tooth.

We will always have cakes or dessert with our drinks and I think or favourite dessert from the B Side café would be their Bananana! This meal consists of plain waffle, caramelized banana, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and last but not least, drizzle of chocolate sauce! The waffle is crunchy but soft in the middle. The caramel crackling on the banana really emphasized the sweetness of the banana. Every elements taste really good when are eaten together!

The café also has savoury dishes on their menu which we have yet to try. I think we only tried one of their savoury snacks which is the Sweet Potato Fries! We love the balance of saltiness and the sweetness from the sweet potato. A really good snack as a substitute to normal fries.

Such a chill place for random hangouts or even for coffee date. The interior is great and so does the exterior. I love a café that you can take great pictures both inside and outside café. I will definitely come again to try out the savoury dishes or for just the usual coffee date with Clarence! Do check out their Instagram and Facebook be wowwed by their latté art and their ‘foodporn’ pictures!

Thanks Fay for this picture of Clarence and I, love it! 😘

That’s all for my “Indulgence of Café Hoppin’ with Jess” series and until the next coffee session!

Jess x

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  • Reply Beaty John

    uhh the ambience mmg siok o lawaaa

    15th March 2018 at 10:10 AM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      Yaa.. café crew pun friendly.. paling penting dkt sma 🤣🤣

      16th March 2018 at 10:19 AM
  • Reply Fay

    Wehuuu! Memang nice cafe’ hehe

    15th March 2018 at 11:24 AM
  • Reply syakirah

    the food and the decor of the cafe looks absolutely gorg!

    16th March 2018 at 9:00 AM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      Yes it is! It looks minimalist & every corner is soo ‘instagram worthy’!

      Thank you for reading Syakirah 😘
      Jess x

      16th March 2018 at 10:18 AM
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    17th March 2018 at 4:18 PM
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