Christmas Gift Guide – Budget Gift Ideas

It’s beningging to look a lot like Christmas… the season of Christmas gift is upon us!

It’s December, like FINALLY!! We are entering everybody’s most favorite month, the Christmas month and this inevitably comes along with Christmas shopping. Christmas is definitely my most favorite holiday as I get to buy presents as well as receiving them. I love making list for my Christmas shopping and I’m the type of person who shops and prepares for Christmas present early so that I won’t miss out anyone from not accepting gifts from me.

I’m pretty sure there are tons of websites and bloggers will be talking about Christmas gifting guide and here I am jumping into the bandwagon.

So my tip in buying presents for your loved ones tis season is pretty simple and straightforward, it’s all about PRACTICAL, PRACTICAL, PRACTICAL and looks good on Instagram. I will always think of the most practical stuff as gift for people but at the same time, the items must look muy nice so that they can show their presents off on Instagram while thanking me for being such an amazing friend / sister / girlfriend!

I’m going to separate this post into 2 parts; where do I normally shop for gifts and gift ideas that you could probably put into thoughts on giving to your loved ones this Christmas.

So for the first part of this post is to answer where do I buy my Christmas presents. Well, it depends on your budget for the gift. If you want to splurge on your gifts, by all means you can buy your gifts anywhere you want but you can still get cool and affordable stuff that you know your loved ones can use everyday or for stocking stuffers.

So I normally get my gifts at Kaison, it’s actually a Malaysian version of cheaper and smaller Ikea, where you can buy homewares like cute pillowcases, scented candles and dishwares, home decors and even stationaries because Kaison has really cute notebooks which one of the reasons why I absolutely love that store!

Mr. DIY is also another good choice. You can get your kitchen utensils, small pots and pans, cute phone covers there.

I love Daiso so much, it’s insane! Whenever I enter a mall that has Daiso, I MUST ENTER! I always have a thing for Japan so I guess that’s why I’m so intrigued with store on how cool Japanese stuff is. I ALWAYS ask Clarence to read the Japanese words on the packaging, it’s that fun thing we always do when we see any Japanese words. So Daiso has all the girly things that you can imagine, from beauty products, makeups, cute sumo mask and Japanese kite as home decor, food containers, cute salt and pepper shaker all for RM5.60!

Yubiso is another Japanese chain store that I’m starting to love. The price range of the store is slightly higher than Daiso but for me Yubiso’s makeup is wayyyy better quality & better looking packaging than the ones at Daiso but of course the price is wayyy higher too.

Fiska Lifestyle is another cool and hipster store that sells homewares, dishwares, accessories, small furnitures, cute stationaries and also a few cool trinkets. The items that are being displayed there, all are my aestatic! Even the store itself, the feel, the style, it’s so me that my future house will have the same vibe as the store. I never thought that such shop would exist in Kota Kinabalu but it did and it has become one my favorite stores to visit. I like to visit the shop even when I know I won’t be buying anything there. Do visit the store’s Instagram account by clicking here and you’ll definitely want to visit the store too!

Here we go to the second part of this post, the gift idea! So my top guide in finding gifts is that for me, the practicality of gift for your loved ones is something that I always put emphasis on! I want to buy something that they can use if not every single day, at least they can use it when they need to and find it useful in their lives. Therefore, I really put into thoughts on choosing my gifts for them.

Bags (tote bag, bag pack, school bag pack etc)

To me, bags are sooo practical and such a universal item for present. It can be used every single day especially if you are going to get school bagpacks as gifts for your kids, younger cousins, nieces and nephews. You can also get handbags for your mom, sisters, girlfriends cos let me tell you, handbags means life to us females.



Well, housewares is such a HOT item for gift because everybody, I mean EVERYBODY loves housewares! Housewares can be anything from adorable kitchen hand mittens and apron, pretty plates, Korean spoon and chopsticks, decorative sofa pillows or framed quotes that can be hanged on the wall or to put on the side table. Seriously, everyone loves pretty housewares that are still practical to be used everyday.




Let’s face it, books are such a general gift but I know that everyone deep down do have the desire to read but never had a chance to start reading because books are costly but you can definitely find books that won’t burn your wallet. Popular always have member’s sale and the sale can go as low as RM10 per book and also at The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair that is held every year, where you can get find any types of books at a stinkingly cheap price!! So help your loved ones to kickstart their reading adventure! Everyone should read anyways.





Girls love accessories! From bracelets to earrings, we love them all! So guys, if you are looking for budget gifts for your girlfriend, mother, sisters, there are wide varieties of accessories that you can choose and they are affordably cheap! Most of the time, you can find accessories that are sold in bulks like 3 pairs of earrings of a price of one. Same goes to bracelets and necklaces. Pashmina or scarves are also a good choice!

Phone accessories

Both sexes love phone accessories and one cannot have too much phone covers nor USB cables but of course before buying them, you must know the phone models so that you’ll know what to get! There are so many choices and I always bought my phone cases from Mr. DIY because Mr. DIY has cheap and good quality of phone cases and USB cables.

Travel accessories

This can be a perfect gift for those traveller friends, family of yours who love to travel and are constantly planning for their next travel! Since buying them plane tickets won’t be an option, you can buy them travel accessories as gifts that could make their travel easy! For instance, travel size toiletries bottles or toiletries bag are useful so that they won’t have to bring those big bottles of shampoo or bath gel. Neck pillow is such an essential especially for long hour flights, this will make them sleep comfortably and not getting stiff necks!


Beauty products

Small beauty products like makeup brushes, brow kit, affordable beauty blender and sponges, drug store brand makeup products are items that us beauty enthusiast loveeeee to receive! Drug store is the place to go for these items and usually, drug store will be having crazy sale especially during the Christmas time! So take that opportunity to get the items while they’re on sale!

I hope this simple guide could help you in your gift hunting. I know Christmas shopping can be overwhelming but just think of how happy they are when they receive your Christmas gift for them!

Thanks for reading, Jess x

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