Favourite Podcasts that I’m listening to

My Favourite Podcasts

I know podcasts have been around for so long but I just started to listen to them recently. And your girl here is totally hooked! I find podcasts are very informative and I regularly turn to podcast for fresh ideas or just to wind down. I’ve been getting really into podcasts lately and always have one playing when I’m in the car, while I was getting ready in the morning or even going to bed. It’s nice to have something to listen to besides music sometimes.

There are so many podcasts that I’ve listened to and currently listening. So I’ve decided to share some of my personal favourite podcasts that you may like to have a listen.


Side note: All of these podcasts can be found on both Spotify and Apple Podcast.


1. Straight and Curly

Straight and Curly Podcast

Source: Google

These 2 Aussie ladies have been ‘podcasting’ for over than 2 years and I get it why. People love them and so do I. Their podcasts are for people who are obsessed with self-improvement. Carly and Kelly also share about life hack every week. All of their podcast are worth to listen as they talk about a variety of topics from healthy lifestyle, productivity, relationships. Well simply everything! Their contents are very easy to understand despite both of them have really deep Aussie accent. I enjoy listening to them talking! It feels like you are there, hanging out with them.

My fave podcasts from Straight and Curly are about blogging, life detoxes that we should at least try, fasting vs calorie counting for losing weight but other podcasts are awesome too!

2. The Heart of It with Estée Lalonde

The Heart of It with Estee Lalonde

Source: Google

Okay this girl, I mean my girl Estée, I LOVE HER! I’m such a huge fan of her! It’s her vibe, her bright personality and her wide smile that made me fall in love with her at the first place. I can say that she is the only Youtuber and fellow Blogger that I can totally relate to! When I found out that she released a podcast series last year, I had to listen and ‘The Heart of It with Estée Lalonde’ is actually her 1st podcast. She talks about various topics that we all girls would love such as makeup, travel, mother. There are only 8 series in this podcast and it you want to listen more of her (she sounds so amazing!), you can also listen to her 2nd podcast ‘On the Line with Estée Lalonde‘.

3. Tokyo Tales – The Simon and Martina 

Tokyo Tales: Simon and Martina

Source: Spotify

I actually knew them as a married couple Youtubers that talks about their lives in Korea. Now that they have moved to Japan, they still vlog about it but they have made podcast talking about the quirky tales of Tokyo. I always love their chemistry together and listening to them will make you agree with me. The reason why I am so into Japan lately is because my fiancé and I have this super fascination on Japan and we are planning for our honeymoon to Japan! Listening to this podcast made me imagine as if I’m in Tokyo. This to me is a light content and I usually listen to this when I’m about to go to sleep.

4. Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan Podcast

Source: Google

Another Japan related podcast! I’m just the kind of person that are just loyal to one particular thing until I get bored about it. I knew the host of this podcast, Chris Broad through his Youtube channel with the same name ‘Abroad in Japan’. He is assisted by a broadcaster/friend, Pete Donaldson. For me, this podcast is a little ‘educational’ compared to ‘Tokyo Tales’ as Chris talks about topics on the Do’s and Don’ts in Japan, 12 Amazing Facts about Japan, Japan’s love hotel ahem. Yes, it is educational but absolutely not in a boring way at all. Even the topics covered are interesting ones too, unlike the typical travel guides that we always reach for when we are planning for a travel.


So there you have it, my favourite podcasts! To those who have never listen to any podcast, please go have a listen to any of my favourites or just any podcast. Who knows you might be a podcast lover like me? And those who loves podcasts, please share with me your favourites and suggestions cos I would love to listen to them!

Thank you for reading and until next post, Jess x

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