Goals for the remaining of 2018!

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I’m posting for 7 days straight for my project of “7 Days Birthday Countdown 2018” to commemorate my age being in its last days of 28.
This is the 3rd post so please head on to read my 1st and 2nd posts if you haven’t!

Half of the 2018 has gone and left us for good and I thought it is appropriate that I review myself on the progress of my goals.

Earlier this year, I have set a few goals for myself that I would like to achieve. You can read all about it here. So I wanted a more calming year for 2018 and so far, it really has been a calming year. Of course there are moments that I was so busy with work, catching deadlines, sleepless nights to finish work but all those tend to happen. Especially with the given nature of my job as a lecturer. But no hard feelings with that, I accepted them cos those storms didn’t last long.

Monthly ‘me time’

I’ve taken quite a few ‘me-time’ self pampering session, I’d say that I took myself on a date every month. And I’m proudly said that I’ve achieved that goal. I believe that these self-love sessions have made me to be in tune with myself even more. Although it is just a hair wash session at the salon that only cost me RM15, it’s enough to make me feel good.

More like less buying

I haven’t been able to completely stop buying impulsively cos I always buy things that caught my eyes. Those things can be cute notebooks, on-sale drugstore makeup and other things that are on sale! But I can say that I’ve bought less compared to 2017. I no longer getting packages from my online purchases every month, unlike how it was in 2017. I have also lowered my ‘entertainment’ expenditure for clothes, movies that kind of stuff since I’ll be needing to really save up for my wedding next year. So it’s best that I don’t over spend.

Reading 10 books in 2018, EPIC FAILURE!

In my Calmness Goals 2018, I mentioned that I wanted to read at least 10 books. Well that my fellow readers, I have failed miserably! I’m still on my way to finish the book that my fiancé gave to me for my birthday, Absolutely on Music by Murakami and Ozawa. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish 10 books this year and I think it’s going to be hard for me to finish this book too. But I’m still going to try so wish me luck!

Learnt 2 new recipes

I have cooked 2 meals that I’ve been wanting to learn how to prepare. Those 2 are Chicken Briyani and Chicken Rendang. I cooked both on a first try and both are huge success! I’m planning to cook these 2 dishes for my birthday lunch. My dad has bought a new oven to replace the old broken one so I’m planning to prepare Lasagna too and bake my own birthday cake. So I guess my goal to learn new recipes is on the right track!

More quality time with the fambam!

I love that this year I have spent more time with my family especially my parents. Even my parents showed their effort in wanting to spend more time with me. They went all out during the preparation for my engagement. And now that I’m preparing for my wedding, I always ask for their advices. I even brought my parents to my bridal session and to secure my wedding reception venue. I realized that as my wedding date is coming, I appreciate spending time with them even more.

Learning of letting things for a calmer big 3-0.

I can’t deny that I love my worldly stuff that I’ve come to acquire after living 29-ish years. And it’s unfortunate that I have the tendency to hoard. I know that It’s really unhealthy to live such a life. There are times that I get agitated from the mess and yet I still buy things that I don’t need. People around me have started to live a simpler live these days! Even Youtubers and bloggers that I love are starting out this way of living. To come to think of it, I would want to live simpler too. The reason for this is I really want to let the unnecessary mess that stressing me out of my life. I wish to enter into my 30’s with less clutter and a much calmer note.

So I’m planning to sort my things up soon. For the things that I don’t need, I’m still hesitating on selling them or donate! I will be sharing my ‘Living Less’ journey when I start. It’ll be my ongoing goal starting the remaining of this year until I finally finished it! Wish me luck guys!


I wish everybody luck with your goals this year and all of us still have time in achieving them! Yes we do!!


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