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I’ve never been this desperate to….

… lose the damn weight! And this is the 1st time after sooo long that I’m just so pumped, excited, determined to get into shape! I am going to be super honest in this post where I’ll be sharing to everybody my starting weight *cough* and the weight that I’ve lost.

That turning point!

The realization came when I saw pictures that my darling colleagues took during my early birthday luncheon. We will always look smaller if we wear black, right? I was in all black for the luncheon but I still look like a whale! Looking at all the pictures, my darling colleagues and the background all look really good. Except me, looking so ginormous in every single one of the photos! My face looks so wide and it made me look like I lost my fricking neck! I don’t know if it’s the angle but this really gives me a real good slap of realization onto my face.

And there’s another picture that my fiancé when he took me out for a late birthday coffee date. It was a wefie of both us and in that picture, my smiling face looks so wide even though my head was behind his. Not forgetting my double chin! Oh dear Lord, my double chin was so visible and I thought “Damn it, I need to lose weight like FAST!”

Mission Impossible, yes or no?

So when I talked to my fiancé on wanting to lose weight, he was overly excited for me. He’s just the cutest support source that I can’t ever asked for! He knows how badly I wanted to lose weight and he’s definitely going to give me all the support that I’m going to need. Oh hell definitely I’ll be bitching to him like how tired and sore I am, how intense the workout was, I don’t want to workout.

To make sure that I will lose the weight, he suggested that I should have a weight goal or mission to achieve. He also told me that the mission and weight goal that I set, must be rational that I can surely achieve. So after thinking and comparing between few realistic weight goals, I have decided that mission to achieve 70kg by end of the year. My starting weight was… 82.2kg!

Mission impossible? I think I can achieve the mission by looking at the progress that I’ve made after 3 weeks of strict dieting and of course, working out! I just need to stay committed and determined for this last 3 months plus of 2018.

Current effort

In order for me to achieve my mission impossible, I have signed up for the Jom Kurus (Let’s Get Skinny) program under the guidance of coach Kevin Andrew. The duration of the program is 6 weeks and we are now in Week 3. The program consists of Monday – Friday workout classes varies from Fight Fx, Salsation, HIIT, Circuit Training and Zumba. I love all of the workout and the coach would also gave us a weekly set of HIIT workout to do at home.

For the home workout (we call it HOMEWORK!), I always do it at the gym. I do them with the other participants cos there’s no way I would do it at home alone. For me, it’s always better to workout with friends whom are on the same journey as mine. We also have a Sunday Morning Workout and it’s always done outside of the gym, which is good that we get to go out and workout. I also participated in running events occasionally to make sure that I stay active.

I even bought a new weighing scale to replace my old one so that I can constantly keeping track my weight.


Before I start sharing my progress, I would like to let everybody know that I take care of my diet and I workout about almost 2 hours per day for 6 days a week.

For my 1st week, my diet plan isn’t anything fancy. I do calorie deficit, no sugar and not having any meal after 6pm. All I have was 2 eggs and a mug of black coffee for breakfast. my lunch was a fist size rice and veges. I usually had eggs as snacks if I’m hungry. And the most important thing, to drink at least 2.5 liter of water EVERY SINGLE DAY! Drinking water is super important if you’re trying to lose weight cos you get to flush out the toxins. I did not do any of the homework, just the workout classes from Monday to Friday. As for the weight lost, I only managed to lose 0.6kg! I was a bit disappointed but my fiancé comforted me and made me realize that it’s hard to lose that much in just a week.

For my 2nd week, I changed my diet to no carbs and no sugar and not forgetting my 2.5 liters of water every day. Definitely no food after 6pm. I doubled my workout, whereby I did the homework that coach has given us. And I still go to the usual classes. I also ran the EPL Run that Sunday and after the run, I even participated the Jom Kurus fitness fiesta. My body was so sore that day. And on Monday, I weighed in and I lost a staggering 3.3kg! I was so estatic! I can’t believe that I lost that much for the 2nd week!

The weigh in!

So my total weight loss for 2 weeks is 3.9kg and my current weight now is 78.3kg. I am so happy that I get to lose that much in just 2 weeks and I’m so determined to lose even more until I reach my goal this end of the year.

It is important for me to shed the weight as I’m getting married next year and I have scheduled my pre-wedding photoshoot next year January. So I need to look my best prior to the photoshoot. I would love to lose even more for my wieght to get below that 70kg. But I’ll just stick to my current mission but at the same time, I will put all the effort that I can to make sure I lose the weight.

I will keep updating on my progress to achieve my weight target in hope that it will inspire anyone to get healthy and embark this journey with me. I am on a mission!

Wish me luck! Jess x

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  • Reply Massy

    U go gurl!

    29th August 2018 at 3:51 PM
  • Reply Emmitchell M. Sung

    Yess jiayou babe! U can do it! 💪💪💪❤

    Almost 3 months sdh sya total zero no workout even lite jogging. Lepas baca ni mcm timbul smgat 😅

    29th August 2018 at 4:38 PM
  • Reply rasya

    Good luck jess! I’m also trying to lose weight and seeing your post has made me more motivated to exercise and balance my diet. Good luck to all of us!

    29th August 2018 at 7:01 PM
  • Reply Hunida

    Good luck! You can totally do it in no time, sounds like you’re putting in just the right amount of work! ♡

    30th August 2018 at 4:22 AM
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