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Joyeux Anniversaire & our Engagement Post!

A heads up, this is going to be an uber long post but a fun one mostly about my engagement. So sit back, relax and enjoy reading!

A year ago on this date, Clarence and I promised each other that we want to take our friendship to a higher level. And to my lovely readers, today marks our first anniversary as a committed couple. It really felt like we’ve known each other for years. Thank you for being who you are and yet you want to be better because of me, because of us. It has been such a wonderful 1 year of being your girlfriend, mon amour! Of course there’s a handful of downs along the way but I would never change anything. You are truly one of a kind, mon amour. One that I can confidently call my soulmate. Ce qui importe, c’est que je t’aime beaucoup!

On to the engagement post, shall we?

Just recently, we celebrated a month anniversary of our engagement on the 12th June 2018. Our engagement was held on the 12th May 2018 at my grandma’s house, surrounded by our family, relatives and closest friends. Prior to the engagement, it was all time busy in my part of the preparation. Because in our tradition, the female gets most of the things done. I even took a week off before the engagement because as mentioned before, it is quite a long journey from my home to my grandma’s house. I did most of the things with the help from my parents, siblings. Your girl is seriously am so grateful for the unconditional love and help that I’ve received. Clarence helped a lot too from helping us to clean the house, setting up the backdrop to helping around the house.

I was REALLY nervous on the eve of the engagement. It was to a point that I had to gulped down a beer to help me sleep. I was sleeping with my mom that night and we just had this silly conversation on why I want to be engaged.  The silliest question I asked my mom that night was will my parents still love me if I decided to just called off the engagement and just be their little girl forever LOL! Please don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t want to be engaged, ‘I’m not ready’ that sort of thing. I probably have that kind of thought because I have this realization that I’ll be having more responsibilities after this. And probably not just being their daughter anymore.

Okay I need to stop being sappy.

The Engagement preparation

All the decorations are DIY except for some of the small display items. For my backdrop, I cut most of the palm leaves out of green paper. Polystyrene was used for my background wordings cos it’s the cheapest. Then we used polystyrene cutter to cut according to the alphabets and paint them black. Clarence bought some pipes for the backdrop frame and I bought and sewed the backdrop cloth. In which we can totally reuse for our wedding. We even cut some real leafy green like the ferns, banana leaves, real palm leaves. This is to help in emphasizing my ‘tropical-Moana’ theme engagement.

My beautiful cream dress is a custom made by Cilla of TheChantales. She totally followed the exact style of dress that I wanted and I was estatic when I finally collected my dress from her. Go check out her instagram @thechantales if you want a custom made dress for your special day!

In the Beauty Department

I even get my brow waxed and tinted for the engagement. I must say that there are times that I do have my share of troubles in filling my brows. So I decided that I don’t want my brows to get into my way. My goal is to have a ‘stress-free’ makeup session on my engagement day. Girls, if you decided on doing your own makeup on your special occasions, please splurge on a good brow wax and tint session. Cos seriously, it will save your ass and make your work so much easier. My brows were done at none other than Cabrine Solibut Art. Cabrine is very well known for being the ‘kudou expert’ in Kota Kinabalu. Your girl here just had to get her brows done by the best! Her instagram is @misscabrine so seriously go get your brows done by her!

(read: kudou means brow in Kadazan)

I also get eyelash extensions on for the engagement. I really love how my eyelash look, I don’t even have to apply eyeliner and my eyes already look way bigger. Wendy’s Beauty Parlour located a Lido Plaza was where I got my eyelash extension done. I mus say that the price is super affordable. Even the beauty room is super pretty! The eyelash extension that I asked for is the Medium Classic eyelash, it was Joey who did my extensions and she was friendly and good! Check out their instagram to check out their work and also their other services.

So on the day of the Engagement…

All the drama of freaking out the night before has gone, thank goodness. I woke up super early, earlier than the alarm that I set. Everybody was still sleeping. I went to get myself freshen up before waking my sister Marsha to ask for help in setting up the karaoke set outside. As we were doing it, everybody started to wake up too. After that, I had the final check on my backdrop and arranging the decors on my table center. Then I went on to shower and get myself dolled up.

Engagement makeup

On my engagement day, all I put on was primer, foundation, concealer and loose powder to set my face. A little bit of contouring on the cheek bone, jawline and forehead. A little bit of blusher to lighten the cheek area and of course a little bit of highlighter cos your girl’s cheeks need to be lit! On the eye, I used some of my existing eyeshadow palette.Thankfully my makeup pretty much stayed the whole time despite the heat, all thanks to my setting Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. Speaking of heat, oh boy that day was so hot! I felt bad to my relatives, my close friends and Clarence’s family that they had to endure the hot weather.

During the engagement

Everything went well during the ‘engagement’ discussion between his family and mine. Clarence’s family and mine have discussed about the important matters beforehand so the discussion was done smoothly and it was such a breeze. Right after that was the engagement blessing. Clarence and I prayed that we will be given strength, patience, protection, blessing, wisdom and faith during our engagement period. It was also a heart warming moment that people we love were gathered and pray together with us. It felt surreal when we finally put our engagement ring on each other’s fingers. The cake that we ordered for our engagement was so yummy! It was 2 tier Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting! Our cupcakes were light too, everybody was saying that our cake was yummy too.

Picture time

I would like to thank all my relatives (mom’s and dad’s side), Clarence’s family for the engagement preparation. My close friends especially our matchmaker, Esther for coming all the way from KK to celebrate the engagement of Clarence and I. Our engagement was such a beautiful day to us because of all of you!

We are currently on a mission to plan our wedding and we are taking all things one at a time. I know that in planning a wedding, the process can be such a pain in ass. But both Clarence and I are still in our cool probably because we still have a year plus to execute. But I know I still need to source for bridal, doorgift, hair and makeup team yada yada. Not to mention that we need to be managing our spending well for this whole time.

Thank you so much for reading and please pray for us that we won’t be in so much stressed to a point that I have to be this crazy bridezilla!

Until next post,

Jess x

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  • Reply Massy マツシ一 (@maslight)

    Congratulation again for your engagement. It’s so nice the deco and everything.

    3rd July 2018 at 11:28 AM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      Hehehe thank you Mas! Didn’t cost alot cos most are free from the nature ?

      6th July 2018 at 7:32 PM

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