My Crazy Sephora Haul at Sephora Imago!

Sephora can make a girl go loco! This I’m so sure cos yours truly gone crazy at Sephora last 2 weeks ago. Yes, I went berserk and swiped on my card a whooping amount of RM379 (Ringgit Malaysia) and that equivalent to 96.83 US Dollar on makeups and 1 hair product. Clarence was with me at the time of this ‘incident’ and he was taken by surprised when he found out about the whole amount went we were at the cashier.

The main reason that I’ve gone all bonkers at Sephora was because I’ve decided not to hire a makeup artist for my engagement. The the cost is just too much! The cheapest makeup artist that I’ve asked would charge RM400 for hair and makeup. Probably because it’s going to be an oustation job since I’ll be doing my engagement in Kuala Penyu, my dad’s hometown. I actually understand the makeup artist would charge the price higher than the usual because it is a 2 hours drive from the Kota Kinabalu city (where I live).

I even tried to search on Facebook for makeup artist near my dad’s hometown but none of the makeup artists suit my kind of estatic. I’m just not convinced that they can pull of the look that I’m going for. It’s not that I couldn’t afford hiring makeup artist from KK, but I think I would prefer to spend the money on something else (in this case, makeup) rather than just spend it on for a one time service. At least I could own the makeup and see them on display on my vanity cos makeup makes me happy!

Besides purchasing and owning all the makeup *shrieks like a little excited girl*, I get to write a post about it! These are the things from that crazy trip to Sephora!


NYX #Nonfilter Finishing Powder – RM55

I’m almost out of my loose powder so this is why I need to get a face powder. Whenever I wear my BB Cream or Foundation, I MUST MUST use loose powder or setting powder after. This is because I want the BB cream or foundation stays longer and doesn’t slide off. Just opted a finishing powder from NYX because I love NYX product and I don’t want to spend so much on powder anyway. I just love the shade that I’ve chosen, which is Honey. Made my skin colour looked a little sun-kissed.


NYX HD Studio Photogenique Studio Concealer – RM26

I was surprised that the price for this concealer is a tad cheaper than the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer that I love. I wonder why and again because I’m a curious cat liddat, I pick it up and put into my shopping basket. My Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer was expired (yes, your girl doesn’t do full coverage that much). That’s why I got this concealer. I got this in the shade of CW06. Have yet to try it and I can’t wait to do so.


NYX Shine Killer Primer – RM69

Another NYX product! I have never own a primer before but I know the importance of this step if you want a full coverage makeup. Your face needs to be ‘primed’ so your that your makeup won’t look too shiny. Too shiny to a point that it is blinding from oil production that your skin normally does. Since I have oily skin, I choose this one instead cos I want to stay matte all the time during my engagement ceremony. I should try this one out so that if it doesn’t deliver, I can look for other alternatives.


Benefit Mini Hoola Bronzer – RM80

Yay!! Finally a good bronzer!! I used to own a cheap fake ‘High-end’ brand bronzer and I HATE IT! It is not pigmented AT ALL!! I’m actually contemplating whether to just use my Tarte Contour Kit or use this bronzer instead to contour. We’ll see! At least I now have a good bronzer for a light contour!


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Stockholm – RM35

THIS IS MY GO TO PINK NUDISH lip cream!! OMG I just love this color sooo much! The shade embodies the perfect Millenial Pink that I absolutely LOVEEE (I can’t believe I just said I love Pink). This is actually my second time repurchase it cos I ALWAYS use it and it ran out soo quickly!


Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray -RM70

I was actually hesitant whether to buy a setting spray or not cos I know that I’m not gonna wear makeup on for a full day on my engagement. Cos an engagement usually takes about only half of the day but then I want my makeup to look complete. Hence, the purchase of a setting spray. Besides, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a hot day and Kuala Penyu’s sun is extra scorching hot. So might as well get a bottle to lock everything in. To seal the deal so that my makeup won’t melt as the day goes. Opted for a smaller bottle cos honey, this girl isn’t really into wearing full on makeup on a regular basis. So yeah, small bottle should suffice. Excited to try this out during my engagement makeup practice.


Sephora Coconut Water Dry Shampoo – RM44

The only non-makeup related item in the haul. Decided to put this into my little shopping basket as I’m ran out of it. I’ve finished my precious Percy & Reed dry shampoo that I oh-so-love and I need a cheaper substitute. I was contemplating to get either the Green Tea one or this. Clarence said the Green Tea made my hair smell like freshly-cut grass. Not a bad smell for me cos I really like the smell of freshly-cut grass but I just decided to follow Clarence’s choice. Maybe next time I’d get the Green Tea one. This dry shampoo really did its job and it’s not drying to my scalp nor hair. I love the scent too, so tropical!


‘They’re going to be used to beautify your beautiful face on our day, baby.’

I expressed to Clarence that I felt a tad guilty for simply spending my money like no one’s business. And as supportive as he is like always, he comforted me by saying that all the makeup that I bought has their own use. ‘They’re going to be used to beautify your beautiful face on our day, baby. It’s okay, don’t feel bad.’ Clarence said that to me and that made me feel less shitty about my spending habits. After that very trip to Sephora, he would remind me and whisper ‘Don’t buy if you’re not sure to get anything.’ His reminder was a little funny to me cos I’m sure he was taken aback by the Sephora incident.

But let’s face it! Although I am not huge on makeup, I love owning them!

So when’s the next trip to Sephora, you’ll ask?

Not anytime soon, I hope. And even if I really really have to enter, I need to just close my eyes and not touching or looking at any damn thing!

So, I’m striking ‘hiring makeup artist’ off from my Engagement Checklist and practice, practice, practice!

Thank you for reading and until the next post,

Jess x


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  • Reply Beaty John

    kalau sa pun mmg akan beli makeup than hire MUA kalau susa cari ni..bagus beli mikap..

    24th March 2018 at 10:07 AM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      Tulah.. tpi memg paling basic pnya mekap ja sy nti ni.. nda pro kan ??

      24th March 2018 at 10:10 AM
  • Reply Fay

    What a great haul!

    OK, I’mma gotta check the dry shampoo soon. The green tea fragrance does tempt me too.

    24th March 2018 at 10:17 AM
  • Reply Massy

    This is definitely a haul. Haven’t been shopping at sephora lately. Been trying to save and spend on working out instead ?

    25th March 2018 at 9:48 AM
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