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    September Favourites

    Today is the last day of September. So I thought that I would share about the items that are absolutely my favourites for September as it has been so long since my last ‘Favourites’ post. All items are beauty-related cos your girl is a beauty geek.

    New Beauty Brush and Beauty Blender Sponge

    I wash all of my beauty tools every 2 weeks, depending on how often I used them. This new tool is actually a scruffy sponge. The way I use it is by wetting my beauty tools first with warm water with a bit of soap. And then, I’ll just brush my tools onto the sponge. This sponge works wonderfully and my beauty tools are clean after that. I bought it through Shoppee, RM10 for 2. Such a bargain!

    Reddish Brown Jade Earrings

    This pair of earrings was actually my mom’s. I found it while ransacking her jewelry box cos I was looking for a statement piece that will go with my red floral dress. I totally love the color of the earrings and also the size of it. It’s big and I love a gorgeous statement piece of accessories. This pair ticked off everything that I love about statement accessories and has definitely become among my favourites. Totally stealing this from my mom and making it mine! Not forgetting that my mom has a solid good taste when it comes to style, yes?


    Me wearing Reddish Brown Jade Earrings and hi there fiancé!

    Ellips Hair Vitamin for Hair Treatment with Jojoba Oil

    Since I bleached my hair in May for my engagement, my hair now is not really in its best state. So I decided to give this a try after I saw my bestfriend, Tchell use it on her hair. It is an oil based hair vitamin and the oil is actually quite a thick consistency. I just lather the oil to my hair and even though that my hair is quite long in length, it is enough for that 1 portion. I really like the smell of the oil and it made my hair smell so good. My hair becomes less frizzy and not much tangled after applying the oil vitamin, which is a good thing!

    Briska Eyelash Curler

    I would say that the month of September is about how I fell in love with my natural eyelashes. Before this. I never trusted the effectiveness of eyelash curlers cos my old ones never succeeded in curling my eyelashes. But this eyelash curler is a game changer and I can definitely see my eyelashes after curling it using this curler! I love love love this eyelash curler and the mint green handle is super cute! Briska is a Japanese brand and I bought it during my trip to Less is More makeup studio. To those who has short eyelashes, go get yours now! You will love this beauty tool!

    Maybelline’s The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

    This mascara is also one of the reasons why I love my lashes now! This mascara has made my eyelashes more visible, even with just 2 coats. It has definitely helped to push up my lashes and even after hours, my lashes didn’t get weigh down by the mascara. I would say that this mascara is well formulated and not weighing your lashes down by the product! Bought this during a sale at Watson, normally cost around RM30+ but got it for only RM17.95!

    Watson’s Soft & Clean Non Woven Facial Puffs

    I’ve stopped buying the normal cotton puffs and changed to non-woven puffs since 2 years ago cos the normal cotton absorb a huge amount of liquid (your toner, micellar water etc) but only some that actually came out from the cotton pad. That made your skincare item to finish earlier than it should. This cotton puff is not abrasive to the skin and it is non-threatening to the environment. Plus, it is quite cheap too. Only cost RM5+ for 180 pieces!

    That’s a wrap for my September Favourites! Heading on to blog hopping after this!

    Wishing all of us a great October! Jess x.

    Food, Good Eats In KK City

    Dim Sum Feast at Alu-Alu Kitchen

    Dim Sum is my kind of comfort food, no doubt about it! I can have it at anytime and at any day. Just by the thought of me going to have Dim Sum already making me muy feliz, super happy!

    When I got the chance of reviewing the Alu-Alu Kitchen Dim Sum spread, I just can’t say no. Even though I’m on a diet but I can’t help myself when it comes to Dim Sum.

    Alu-Alu Kitchen is bringing the ‘farm to table’ concept whereby all of their ingredients in their Dim Sum are ‘fresh guaranteed’! All of the ingredients from the veges, chicken & seafood are organically farmed. The concept attracts me as I am trying to eat healthily and it’s good that we have this kind of restaurant in Kota Kinabalu city. A wide selection of Dim Sum served at Alu-Alu Kitchen from the traditional Dim Sum to the modernized ones.

    Another good thing that made me really like Alu-Alu Kitchen is that it is a ‘Serve No Pork’ premise! Finally, my Muslim friends get to enjoy and they can finally get why I love Dim Sum so much. The price ranges from RM4.50 – RM8.50. Having tried other Dim Sum restaurants, the price at Alu-Alu Kitchen is comparable.

    Dim Sum


    I’d say that all types of Dim Sum are scrumptiously delicious but if I have to choose my favourite, it would be the Wu Kok (Fried Yam Puff with Chicken Char Siew filling) and Kai Kiok (Braised Chicken Feet)! I love how crispy the yam on the outside and when you bite into it, it just so soft. The filling is just so yummy! And the Chicken Feet, it can be intimidating to those who don’t eat weird things but it’s just so yummy. Just the perfect taste and I just love the gelatinous of the feet’s skin. So succulent and it fell off from the bone so easily.

    Wu Kok

    Wu Kok (Fried Yam Puff with Chicken Char Siew filling) RM 6.50


    Kai Kiok

    Kai Kiok (Braised Chicken Feet) RM4.50


    And guess what! Alu-Alu Kitchen also serves Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumpling)! Yes, finally Kota Kinabalu has a place that serves good Xiao Long bao! I have tried the ones at Emperor’s Delight in Gaya Street (I don’t know if that place is still open) but their Xiao Long Bao are bad! Alu-Alu Kitchen’s Xiao Long Bao really made me miss Din Tai Fung’s!

    Xiao Long Bao

    Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumpling) RM8.50


    Besides that, the other dishes like Fried Raddish Cake, Siew Mai, Chi Mai, Fried Spring Rolls are all as good and delicious! The prawns in Har Gao (Prawn Dumpling) are so fresh and it still has a bite into it!

    Fried Radish Cake

    Chau Lo Bak Gao (Fried Radish Cake) RM7.00


    Steamed Emerald Dumpling

    Steamed Emerald Dumpling RM5.50


    Chicken and Parsely Dumpling

    Chee Mai (Chicken and Parsely Dumpling) RM5.50


    Steamed Glutinous Rice With Chicken, Mushroom and Chinese Sausage

    Lo Mi Kai (Steamed Glutinous Rice With Chicken and Mushroom) RM5.00

    Prawn Dumpling

    Har Gao (Prawn Dumpling) RM8.50


    As for dessert, I had my favourite Lau Sa Pau (Steamed Salted Egg Custard Bun). It’s good to eat while it’s still warm because the custard will ooze out from the bun when you try to tear the bun! The custard is heavenly sweet and salty goodness!

    Steamed Salted Egg Custard Bun

    Lau Sa Pau (Steamed Salted Egg Custard Bun) RM6.00


    Not a single bad dish that was served to us and all of us left with happy tummies. Truthfully, nothing can ever go wrong with Dim Sum!



    Alu- Alu Kitchen

    Address: Lorong Mangga 1, Kolombong Light Industrial Estate, Kota Kinabalu.

    Contact no. : 088-230842

    Dim Sum Serving Time: 7:00am – 2.00pm (Daily including Public Holiday)

    Business hours: 7:00am – 3:00pm (Breakfast & Lunch), 5:30pm – 10:00pm (Dinner)

    For delivery (free for certain areas), click here

    Instagram Ι Facebook


    Skin How To: Treating Cystic Acne!

    I’m back with a blog post talking about something that I’m so passionate about and that is skincare!

    Quite recently, I have one cystic acne on my chin. I don’t have it elsewhere but my chin thank god and this is the 1st time that I’ve had it. It is a type of hormonal acne and also very uncommon to happen. This kind of acne has no puss, no ‘acne eye’ and also known as Jerawat Batu in Malay. It is under the skin and all you can see is an inflamed bump. The look of it is similar to a mosquito bite but it has a pulsing pain if you press it. It is inflamed because the pore got clogged by the impurities.

    cystic acne

    As you can see, there’s a tiny bump on my chin. This was taken after 3 days of care of treatment. Oh god, my frizzy hair!


    Cystic Acne Care

    The most important thing is to NOT POPPING the cystic acne. No matter how hard you try to pop it, nothing will come out of it. Popping will only make it worse and it will get even more inflamed and even more red. And that will make it even harder to treat. All I did was to leave it alone. Even when I apply my skincare routine or during cleansing, I massage the product on to my face gently. Especially the chin area where I have the wayward acne.

    Keep your skin moisturize is vital too! This is same to all type of acne too. If your skin is hydrated, your skin will heal the acne even quicker. It’s because your skin generate new skin cell even faster when your skin is well hydrated. So, never forget to moisturize and hydrate whenever your skin is acting up!

    Cystic Acne Treatment

    I have been following one instagrammer makeupbypapot and she is a makeup and skincare enthusiast. She has shared her treatment for those naughty cystic acnes. I followed her tips and her ways to treat and surprisingly, my cystic acne subsided and it took a total of 5 days for the cystic acne to completely vanish.

    1. Hydrating Toner

    Like I mentioned above, it is important to hydrate your skin when you’re facing problems with your skin. I’m using the Hada Labo Rich Hydrating Lotion and it’s so damn freaking amazing! Actually, it was makeupbypapot who made me wanting to try Hada Labo toners and now I’m so damn hooked!


    AHA is suitable for all skin types especially Lactic Acids. According to her, AHA works best in treating cystic acne as it exfoliates the surface of the acne and bit by bit, the impurities come up to the surface and the AHA will keep on exfoliating until all the nasties are gone. BHA is a BIG HELL TO THE NO NO as BHA will only irritate the acne from within the epidermis whereas there is no ‘exit’ for the impurities to go out from. And that will also cause the cystic acne to be in darker color and will leave dark spot on the skin. That can be even harder to treat!

    I’ve been using The Ordinary’s Lactic Acid 10% and it helped a lot in treating my cystic acne. I even add more on the cystic acne spot so that it will heal faster and I’m glad that it did! It is only to be used during the night because it’s a photo-sensitive ingredient.

    I have posted my experience using Lactic Acid here.
    3. Moisturize

    I love my oils! Although I have oily skin, but my ‘go-to’ moisturizer is always oils. Oils not only captures the hydration that you have made contact to your skin from the toner that you have applied, it also lock the moisture and keep it under your skin. When used with appropriate amount, it actually helped to control oil and sebum production too because your skin is amply moisturize. So please, to those who have oily skin, don’t be afraid to use oils.

    The oil moisturizer that I’m using now is a handmade one that has essential oils in it and I absolutely love it! It’s cheaper, practical and I can make my own concoction whenever I want.

    4. SPF

    Well, since cystic acne is an already clogged pore, you need to protect it too! So don’t forget to put on sunscreen before going out in the day! I recently tried out a new sunscreen as my Biore one is out. I’m now using the Sunkiller Skin Care Gel from the brand Kiss Me by Isehan, also a Japanese brand. Am loving this sunscreen and I’ll be sharing with you why I love it very soon!

    There’s no problem in this world that’s unsolved and I hope this post will help you in combating cystic acne as it can happen to anyone of us, at any age!

    I’m no dermatologist but I’d like to help if you have any skin issues. Leave a comment down below if you have any.

    Jess x

    Journey to Weight Loss, Lifestyle

    I’ve never been this desperate to….

    … lose the damn weight! And this is the 1st time after sooo long that I’m just so pumped, excited, determined to get into shape! I am going to be super honest in this post where I’ll be sharing to everybody my starting weight *cough* and the weight that I’ve lost.

    That turning point!

    The realization came when I saw pictures that my darling colleagues took during my early birthday luncheon. We will always look smaller if we wear black, right? I was in all black for the luncheon but I still look like a whale! Looking at all the pictures, my darling colleagues and the background all look really good. Except me, looking so ginormous in every single one of the photos! My face looks so wide and it made me look like I lost my fricking neck! I don’t know if it’s the angle but this really gives me a real good slap of realization onto my face.

    And there’s another picture that my fiancé when he took me out for a late birthday coffee date. It was a wefie of both us and in that picture, my smiling face looks so wide even though my head was behind his. Not forgetting my double chin! Oh dear Lord, my double chin was so visible and I thought “Damn it, I need to lose weight like FAST!”

    Mission Impossible, yes or no?

    So when I talked to my fiancé on wanting to lose weight, he was overly excited for me. He’s just the cutest support source that I can’t ever asked for! He knows how badly I wanted to lose weight and he’s definitely going to give me all the support that I’m going to need. Oh hell definitely I’ll be bitching to him like how tired and sore I am, how intense the workout was, I don’t want to workout.

    To make sure that I will lose the weight, he suggested that I should have a weight goal or mission to achieve. He also told me that the mission and weight goal that I set, must be rational that I can surely achieve. So after thinking and comparing between few realistic weight goals, I have decided that mission to achieve 70kg by end of the year. My starting weight was… 82.2kg!

    Mission impossible? I think I can achieve the mission by looking at the progress that I’ve made after 3 weeks of strict dieting and of course, working out! I just need to stay committed and determined for this last 3 months plus of 2018.

    Current effort

    In order for me to achieve my mission impossible, I have signed up for the Jom Kurus (Let’s Get Skinny) program under the guidance of coach Kevin Andrew. The duration of the program is 6 weeks and we are now in Week 3. The program consists of Monday – Friday workout classes varies from Fight Fx, Salsation, HIIT, Circuit Training and Zumba. I love all of the workout and the coach would also gave us a weekly set of HIIT workout to do at home.

    For the home workout (we call it HOMEWORK!), I always do it at the gym. I do them with the other participants cos there’s no way I would do it at home alone. For me, it’s always better to workout with friends whom are on the same journey as mine. We also have a Sunday Morning Workout and it’s always done outside of the gym, which is good that we get to go out and workout. I also participated in running events occasionally to make sure that I stay active.

    I even bought a new weighing scale to replace my old one so that I can constantly keeping track my weight.


    Before I start sharing my progress, I would like to let everybody know that I take care of my diet and I workout about almost 2 hours per day for 6 days a week.

    For my 1st week, my diet plan isn’t anything fancy. I do calorie deficit, no sugar and not having any meal after 6pm. All I have was 2 eggs and a mug of black coffee for breakfast. my lunch was a fist size rice and veges. I usually had eggs as snacks if I’m hungry. And the most important thing, to drink at least 2.5 liter of water EVERY SINGLE DAY! Drinking water is super important if you’re trying to lose weight cos you get to flush out the toxins. I did not do any of the homework, just the workout classes from Monday to Friday. As for the weight lost, I only managed to lose 0.6kg! I was a bit disappointed but my fiancé comforted me and made me realize that it’s hard to lose that much in just a week.

    For my 2nd week, I changed my diet to no carbs and no sugar and not forgetting my 2.5 liters of water every day. Definitely no food after 6pm. I doubled my workout, whereby I did the homework that coach has given us. And I still go to the usual classes. I also ran the EPL Run that Sunday and after the run, I even participated the Jom Kurus fitness fiesta. My body was so sore that day. And on Monday, I weighed in and I lost a staggering 3.3kg! I was so estatic! I can’t believe that I lost that much for the 2nd week!

    The weigh in!

    So my total weight loss for 2 weeks is 3.9kg and my current weight now is 78.3kg. I am so happy that I get to lose that much in just 2 weeks and I’m so determined to lose even more until I reach my goal this end of the year.

    It is important for me to shed the weight as I’m getting married next year and I have scheduled my pre-wedding photoshoot next year January. So I need to look my best prior to the photoshoot. I would love to lose even more for my wieght to get below that 70kg. But I’ll just stick to my current mission but at the same time, I will put all the effort that I can to make sure I lose the weight.

    I will keep updating on my progress to achieve my weight target in hope that it will inspire anyone to get healthy and embark this journey with me. I am on a mission!

    Wish me luck! Jess x


    What I got for my 29th birthday!

    This is the 7th and the last post for my long-overdue project of “7 Days Birthday Countdown 2018”. I’ve been busy with my work; with marking exams, the meetings that I have to be in. And I finally have the time to blog as I have finished with marking and everything. I’m glad that I am finally done with this birthday blogging project. I cannot wait to move on and blog about other things!

    This is the 7th and final. So please head on to read my 1st2nd3rd4th5th and 6th posts if you haven’t!

    I had 2 simple birthday celebrations, 1 that was thrown by my darling colleagues a day before my real birthday. Although I had a tiny hunch about it, I was surprised that they would gather for me to celebrate my birthday. And the other 1 was a simple lunch that I planned for my family. The luncheon was to show my appreciation to my mom and my youngest sister for being there with me for my birthday. I even baked my own cake and it was a chocolate moist cake!

    My birthday gifts!

    Although I didn’t get much for my birthday this year (like really only 4 things), but I totally love all the gifts that I’ve received. All of the gifts are those kind of stuff that I totally can use all the time!

    1. My Zalora Cream and Silver Flat Mules from my mom.

    I totally love this gift from my mom. I’ve always wanted a mule slip-ons cos your girl her is a lazy pants when it comes to putting on shoes, especially for work. And Mules are the hottest pair of shoes nowadays.

    2. Tropical Handphone cover and Frangipani flower hairclip from my youngest sister.

    I am totally happy with the pattern but unfortunately it doesn’t fit my phone. The shop sent the wrong type of handphone cover, the one that arrived was for iPhone 7 whereas my iPhone is 7+. But I love the thought of the gift because it shows that my sister totally know my style. The Frangipani flower hairclip is adorable too!

    3. Bali rattan bag from my darling colleagues.

    I’ve been eyeing on this bag for so long after it went viral and my dear girl gang just know what I like. I haven’t had the opportunity to use the bag but I might use it for my girl’s upcoming wedding!


    So those are the gifts that I received from my 29th birthday. And honestly I love them all! I’m very thankful that I get to receive all of them but most importantly, I just love the effort, the thoughts and the time that they have spent in getting the gifts that I know I would love!

    And that’s the end of my birthday project! See you next year birthday project or it may be a new project, who knows!

    Thank you so much for reading and see you at my next post!

    Jess x