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Hey ho, I have so many things to update! It has been the longest time since I left this platform of mine, 6 months to be exact! It really felt like it hasn’t been that long but time flies by so quickly, right? Just so you know that I’m back to blogging again!

I’ve been wanting to share some updates on life and also a quick round up on the wedding tings! So sit back and relax!

In the life department

Well not much has changed except for I’ve been really focusing on myself and my emotional state. One of my main goals this year is to not bring home anything related to work. I’ve even decided that I won’t be replying to my students’ texts or Whatsapp messages after working hours. Because of that, I can really feel how much my mental and emotional state have improved. I don’t worry nor think about work that much at home anymore and I really value my time after work even more cos I know I really deserve to have a good rest.

Besides that, I’ve gone back to reading again. Have you ever felt that kind of longing in your heart of the things that you used to do? Well for me, it’s reading. I was cleaning my bookshelf the other day and I saw the book gifted by Clarence for my 28th birthday. It was actually his first birthday gift to me when we started dating. It got me teary a little a bit because I know that I’ve been abandoning his gift. The book is by Haruki Murakami “Absolutely on Music” and I still have so many Haruki Murakami books left to finish reading. Not forgetting my other novels too! Hence, I will try my best to finish some by this year!

Now, let’s move on to the wedding prep cos I know this is the part where all of you have been waiting for!

Wedding related

Saved the date

I’d say that almost 70% of the wedding checklist have been crossed out. The wedding date has been decided which is going to be a day before my birthday. Coincidence? Maybe but I’d like to think so cos it was the only date available in July where KDCA hall is available and it’s going to be easy for Clarence to remember our wedding anniversary! Even my dad said that the date was perfect!

Reception venue and church

I have so many relatives from my mom’s and dad’s side and they have lots of friends too. Not forgetting my friends so I need a big ass hall to accommodate the largeness of a typical Kadazan wedding. Therefore, we have secured the KDCA hall for the reception. Since KDCA hall is very high in demand for wedding reception venue, we went straight to KDCA right after my engagement last year in May to book and secure the date. So to the future brides out there, if you are planning to have your reception in KDCA, please do your booking as soon as possible, like a year in advance!

Both Clarence and I are both devoted Catholics. So it is without a doubt that we want to have our full Holy Matrimony mass. We have secured St. Michael Church Penampang because my parents got married there. And for that reason, it has been a dream of mine to get married there since I was young. Just like Jamie wanted to get married to Landon in the church where her parents got married in the movie ‘A Walk To Remember’.

In order to get the full Holy Matrimony mass, we’ve gone through the Pre-Marriage Course and of course the interview session with the Priest. There’s a ‘4 months wait period’ for St. Michael Church after securing the date and interview session with the Priest. And I think this is because the church would like to post the wedding announcement on the notice board and to wait for any respond from the public if there is any reason why we can’t have the full mass or something like that. Yes, Catholic weddings can be this complicated but that’s how it is, I guess.


So we have secured our caterer and we’ve decided that we won’t be serving pork for our reception so that there will be no segregation when it comes to food for our Non-Muslim and Muslim attendees. Our current number of invited guests has almost reached 1k so we are really happy with the price that was offered to us by the caterer. The food will still be Chinese Style cos everybody likes that!

Wedding decorator

My main priority for the wedding decorator is to make sure that they can achieve the aesthetic element that I want and I hope the wedding decorator can do that. I’ve become one of the brides that keep sending pictures of inspiration and I don’t care if they got annoyed!

Pre-wedding photoshoot

That was actually one of the first few things that I’ve checked from the wedding list cos I really want to use my pre-wedding picture to be on my wedding card. During the photoshoot, it was actually an eye opener that damn, I’m getting married!

Makeup and Hair

So I’ve booked a MUAH for myself on the wedding day and not forgetting my entourage. The price for the whole airbrush makeup and hair is really well priced compared to other well-known MUAHs. And I believe the MUAH that I’ve chosen is very talented and most importantly can totally achieve the Wedding Glam Look that I want. With all the dramatic eye, contour and of course red lips!

Wedding invitation cards

This is the latest thing that I’ve checked off from the wedding list! The wedding invitation cards are now being printed and I just cannot wait to have them done! As of now, I’m typing all the names that I would like to invite to the wedding and just print it out on a sticker paper. Then I can just cut them into individual pieces and stick the name onto the card. This is to avoid bad handwriting, mistakes and typos that will lead to wastage of cards.

Emcee, karaoke and sound system

This has also been checked off from the wedding list and I’m very fortunate that I have my uncles that can do this for us. We are really thankful that we were given a family price for this too! The emcee is also going to be a family member who knows me well.

Gong rentals and players

It won’t be a Kadazan wedding without magagung! Magagung is the sound of gongs being played to signify that there is wedding going on and also to invite people to dance to the sound. Again, the magagung team is also from my relatives!

Things that needs to be done

There are still a lot of things to be done but thankfully I would consider these things a little bit easier to get them checked off.

  1. Get my bridesmaids dresses made. For this one, I have bought the clothes and will passed them to my bridesmaids once arrived from Johor.
  2. To prepare my wedding program and tasklist. I haven’t done this and I really need some guidance. If you are willing to share your wedding program and tasklist with me, please do so by emailing it to me at
  3. Getting the flowegirl dresses, bow ties and suspenders for my page boys.
  4. Doorgifts are almost done, I just need to wait for my doorgift stickers to be printed.
  5. To finalizing my wedding playlist! Muy importante and I’m still adding up songs for dancing! So many songs that everybody can get down and get jiggy with me.
  6. Wedding performance. My cousin and I have completed the choreography. All we have to do is to fine tune everything.
  7. Wedding day dress and Clarence’s coat. Well this has been set that we’ll be trying it out in June!

Okay I think that’s all that I need to update! Thank you so much for reading this whole post if you made it till this far! I hope you all have a good weekend and to all the future brides out there, we can do this!!

Au revoir,


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  • Reply rasya

    I think I’ve mentioned this before but congrats for your wedding!

    I’m not married yet so I couldn’t help you in giving advice on wedding program lol but don’t forget to stay healthy x

    4th May 2019 at 2:27 PM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      Yes you have and thank you again for congratulating me! Yes, memang right now I’m still in the process of living a healthier lifestyle cos I still have a few kgs to lose 😀

      4th May 2019 at 7:23 PM
  • Reply Fay

    Welcome back! 🙂

    5th May 2019 at 10:54 AM
  • Reply beatyjohn

    Yeah mau yam seng suda o . Enjoy ja planning kio!!

    5th May 2019 at 10:58 PM
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