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Over the past few weeks, I’ve acquired some of these skincare items. So I thought that I’d put together a fun post to share with you a little bit about the new items in my skincare regimen.

Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

I’ve been wanting to try out micellar water for so long and as soon as I finish my Banilla & Co Clean It Zero, I then head out to the drug store and boy there are so many brands that have micellar water in their product line. After contemplating on the brand, I decided to get the Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water since the Simple cleansing makeup wipes is my go to makeup remover when I travel. In terms of the effectiveness in removing makeup, I would say that it works absolutely fine and I really like the after feel of this micellar water as it leaves my skin super fresh. I just drop a few droplets of the liquid on a clean cotton pad and just massage it on my face to remove the makeup. I usually use 2 cotton pads to clean off if I only have BB cream, eyeliner and got my eyebrow done.



L’oreal Pure Clay Mask – Anti-Pores

This is the products that I’m most excited to tell you guys! It’s the L’oreal Pure Clay Mask and I got the Anti-Pores one cos as you all know, I have big pores and they get clogged very easily. Hence, I breakout quite a lot. After the 1st use of this clay mask, I fell in love because it has this cooling sensation when I have it on my face and I feel super fresh after cleaning the mask off. The clay mask is so soft and with just a small amount, it can cover my whole face. It is green in color, such a fun color to wear on your face. Clay has the benefits to absorb all the impurities not only on the skin but also beneath the skin surface. It also sucks out the sebum and bacteria, while it is also a good exfoliant to remove dead skin and blackheads.


Hada Labo Gyokujyun Hyluronic Acid Lotion

My skin type is actually a combination of oily, dry and acne prone. Quite recently, I realized that my skin was in such bad condition. I have so many tiny bumps on my forehead, chin and I have more breakouts on the cheek area. From my personal reading and studies that I’ve done, I know that my skin is very dehydrated and this causes my skin to produce more oil than before to keep the moisture of the outer skin. Therefore, these tiny bumps occured and they actually contain oil.

So I decided to get the Hada Labo Gyokujyun Hyluronic Acid Lotion to quench the thirst of my skin. I came across the existence of this amazing product when I was watching one of Renee’s of Gothamista video on combating dry skin. She was so informative and I learnt so much about the ingredients in skincare products. She explains everything in the scientific manner and that excites the geekiness in me so much! Okay so back to the Hada Labo Gyokujyun Hyluronic Acid Lotion , it contains Super Hyluronic Acid in which it has a more luxurious feel, a lot thinner, not sticky and it holds a thousand times its weight in water. Renee is huge a fan of this product and so do I! This product helped in decreasing the amount of small bumps I have on my skin because I know my skin is hydrated. It will definitely stay in my skincare regimen unless I found other product as good as this Hada Labo Gyokujyun Hyluronic Acid Lotion.



The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil

I’ve been eyeing The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil for a very long time! Been wanting to combat the breakouts that seemed to just keep appearing on my skin. Thankfully when I got it, it was on sale! This product helps a lot in controlling and to subside the redness of the breakouts.  Also not forgetting that it controls the size of pimples. I always have it in my makeup bag just so that I can reapply the oil on the pimple areas. You can also use it on your acne even if you have your foundation on. That’s how good the penetration of this product is.


So those are the new products that have come onto my radar. I hope you guys enjoyed discovering these items with me. Do share what’s new in your skincare item as I’d love to explore new products as well! Besides, my toner is almost out.  Any suggestions for me to try out, please comment down below as I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

Jess x

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  • Reply MELANIE

    I love the simple micellar water its so good!

    6th November 2017 at 12:28 PM
    • Reply jesssjustine

      YAASSS!! I love it so much too! Thanks for the comment x

      6th November 2017 at 12:30 PM
  • Reply beatyjohn

    sa pun suka tu mask o.. mmg rasa bersih ni muka ni.. sa pny kulit pun dehydrated o due to cold n windy weather dulu d ranau.. tus bnyk bump yng timbul ni ..

    6th November 2017 at 2:39 PM
    • Reply jesssjustine

      Nahh.. kering la tu trus dlm tu bump tu minyak yg betul dia.. siok la sejuk2 kan tpi musuh kulit gia.. sy pn gila suka pkai tu mask ah, mo try lgi yg lain nti..

      6th November 2017 at 2:47 PM
      • Reply beatyjohn

        teruk windy d ranau tu ari.. suda la kaki sa kn mmg sensitif jg o klu kna sejuk..bila sa blik kk kn flaky terus tu kulit kaki..

        7th November 2017 at 2:08 AM

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