Coral Flyer – 1 of the “Must-Do” activities in KK City!

Hey guys! Much apologies for the long hiatus and now I am back with an update!

I must say that I am truly blessed being a Sabahan as I get to visit beautiful island without having to travel far! That being said, yesterday (4th March 2017) I was able to visit Sapi Island and of course, I did the Coral Flyer together with some of the #kkbloggers Maslight, Fay and two of the Sabah radio announcers Calista and Farhan!

The Coral Flyer is Borneo’s longest zipline that connects the Gaya island and Sapi island. In order to experience it, you have to register yourself at the Coral Flyer counter at the Sapi Island entrance and there will be a boat that will send you to the Gaya island as the Coral Flyer starts at Gaya island and ends at Sapi island. The staff of Coral Flyer are so friendly and they really concerned about our safety and even double checking our gears!


Registering ourselves at the Coral Flyer counter


That fine line connecting both of the island is the Coral Flyer! It was such a beautiful day!#nofilterneeded


Deep down so nervous, right Massy? LOL!


Arriving at Padang Point, Gaya Island. Hi Fay 🙂



Gear up! Photo credit: Maslight


A little hike before arriving at the platform. Photo credit: Maslight



Pouting before the scream! Photo Credit: Maslight


A group photo before going off is a must! Photo credit: Maslight

Anybody who knew me long enough, they know that I am afraid of heights but when Maslight invited me to join them, I just couldn’t reject the chance of doing the Coral Flyer even though that I have done it once in 2015. I seriously thought that since I have done it before, I would not be afraid of doing it again but boy, I was so wrong! I was super nervous when it was my turn to go off and I screamed all the way through and even louder this second time. But all in all, it was such a good adrenaline rush and I would definitely do it again next time!


20 seconds of pure screams and high on adrenaline! Photo credit: Maslight

Check out my instagram if you are wondering how loud I was screaming! HAHAHAHAHA

I’ll see you again, Coral Flyer!

Jess x

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  • Reply Jue

    heard of this millions time but never got around to doing it yet.haiyaa… btw, the way you tell us your stories felt like we actually were there with you guys. ?

    18th October 2018 at 7:32 PM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      You really SHOULD try this! Oh man, the adrenaline rush while you’re hanging above the sea while you get to see the beautiful blue water is such a priceless experience! Talking about this made me miss to do it again! I should plan for another trip!

      Btw, thank you so much for dropping by and leave a comment!

      Jess x

      19th October 2018 at 11:00 PM

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