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Clarence, the love of my life and how we met!

Clarence and I decided to be in a relationship exactly on this date, 5 months ago! So hubby, if you are reading this, Happy 5th Monthsary, mon amour!

The reason why I wanted to share with everybody the story of us is because even after breakups, you can still find love. Love isn’t dead. Don’t give up on love because I believe that there is a person that you’re destined to be with and there is somebody who is praying for you! One day the two of you WILL cross each other’s paths and you’ll know that you’ve found each other. So get yourself comfy and please know that I absolutely have no intention in my heart to be boastful about our relationship.

So before I met Clarence, I was single for 1 year and 9 months. Of course during the earlier part of my breakup, the wound is still fresh that it hurts, A LOT! But when I moved on, living and loving life, I thought that my heart is ready to be loved again. I did go for a few dates but none of guys that I’ve dated stick or stood up to me. There was a time that I was having a heart to heart to session with my bestie at work, Esther about how I wanted to be loved. I know that I was ready to be in a ‘real’ationship. Never thought that from that particular heart to heart conversation, it led me to the introduction of Clarence into my life.

A few days or weeks after that, Esther told me that she has a friend that she would like to introduce to me. She told me that Clarence is one of her close guy friends back in her hometown, Beaufort. Being a curious cat, I asked her to show me his Facebook profile so that I can see how he looks like. She did and my first impression of him is mehhh, normal looking guy, a little old 😅

Esther wanted to introduce us face to face so we decided to meet I think at Kenny Rogers. Unfortunately, I didn’t come due to something that I really can’t recall what it was. I basically cancelled the meet up at a last minute. No, it wasn’t that I chickened out okay 😅 I felt pity that Clarence drove all the way to KK hoping that he would get to see me but didn’t. I haven’t ask Clarence what he thought when he found out that I cancelled back then. I should ask him that hahaha!

So Esther and I decided to plan another meet up for a drinking sesh at KDCA on 30th May 2017 & that’s when we first met! He was looking casual with just plain tee and jeans, normal guy. We shooked hands and I sat beside him, he was shy and didn’t talk much at first. As we drink, cans after cans of beer, I think then we started to talk a lot. I remembered that I even put my head on his shoulder. He put his hand on my back as we sang “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis out loud together! At that moment, I can sense that we’re going to have so many things in common. Now that I know him more and better, we really do have a lot in common!

He was such a gentleman when I told him I was about to leave early. I guess he was worried so he walked with me to meet my siblings. The next day, Esther told me that Clarence forgot to ask my number so she asked for my permission to give my number to him. I said yes then he texted me moments after that and that’s how we started our relationship.

Being in a relationship with Clarence has widened my horizon when it comes to love and relationship. I never thought that I could have this much fun being in a relationship. Although that we are in a long distant relationship, he makes whole lot easier that he is willing to meet me half way in everything! I thank God everyday that we’ve found each other.

Once again, happy monthsary mon amour & I can’t wait to meet you and be in your arms again cos there is where my home is.

I hope you guys enjoy this little story of mine and to those who still haven’t found your other half, please never stop praying for someone to love and keep looking. You may never know that he or she is just around the corner 😊

Till next time, Jess x
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  • Reply Fay

    Aww…finally, again so happy for you bebeh! ❤️

    Happy 5th monthniversary to both of you! ❤️

    19th November 2017 at 7:01 AM
    • Reply jesssjustine

      Hehehehe thank you bebeh 😘😘

      19th November 2017 at 12:25 PM
  • Reply beatyjohn

    Happy 5th monthniversary…more and morw to celebrate together!!!

    20th November 2017 at 4:11 AM
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