A luncheon affair at Le Caffe & Salato, Karamunsing Capital

After a super long hiatus, I am back and hungry. A girl has to eat…

And thankfully there was an invitation to a food tasting and yours truly here just can’t say no. A few social media influencers and bloggers like Agnes, Geraldine, Fay and I were invited to Le Caffe & Salato. We were so lucky that we got to taste deliciously yummy food. Thank you so much Le Caffe & Salato and not forgetting Clara for the arrangement and invite.  Side Note: Please do follow Agnes, Geraldine and Fay as their blogs are a-may-zing!

Before the food arrived, we of course ordered drinks and I ordered the usual, Iced Latte. Like other cafes, Le Caffe & Salato also has a wide variety of caffeine based beverages from cappuccino, affogato, mocha and they also have juices. One of the juices is their signature, which is the Salato Passion Fruit juice! Coconut is also one of the special drinks that you can order at Le Caffe & Salato! The coconut fits perfectly in your palm, so cute and VERY instagram-worthy.

We were served with 7 main dishes, 2 side dishes and 3 desserts. Let’s talk food now!

Salato Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Drumstick – MYR 14.80

For someone who has a big appetite or just feeling very hungry, this dish will make you super happy and so full as the portion is huge! The chicken was juicy and the sambal was yummy too. And come on, the price is reasonable as you get a huge piece of fried chicken drumstick and a whole boiled egg.

Salato Claypot Fragrant Loh Shu Fun – MYR 9.80

Among all the food served, this is definitely MY FAVOURITE! I just love how flavourful the thick sauce with minced chicken meat is! It paired so well with the Loh Shu Fun.

Salato Tiger Prawn Carbonara – RM27.80

Another crowd favourite among all of us! The sauce is actually butter sauce but the taste of the prawn really came through. All of us can really taste the prawn in the sauce. The tiger prawn is huge too!

Salato Crab Fried Meehoon – Chef’s Special

The main star of all the main dishes we tried! It has a whole crab and it’s fried together with the meehoon. The portion is HUGE, enough for 3 people! We had to crack up the crab shell and it was fun to see everybody were really in their zone to get all the crab meat as much as they can. This dish shall be added into the menu soon and only available seasonally. The price of the dish is according to the weight of the crab. So please don’t hesitate to ask the cashier on the availability of this dish!


Salato Crispy Thai Sauce Chicken Chop Rice – MYR 10.80 and Salato Crispy Lemon Sauce Chicken Chop Rice – MYR 10.80 are also in the picture.

No matter how full you are, your tummy WILL ALWAYS rooms for dessert! Am I right?

Le Caffe & Salato also serves a selection of cakes! We had the Hokkaido Cake, Oreo Cake and Yam Cake to end the food tasting. The cakes are ADORABLE!

The food that were served to us by Le Caffe & Salato I can say that they were my kind of food. All of them are really right up to my alley. Yes the food are simple and straight forward but the taste are muy muy delicioso and you don’t even have to rob a bank to dine there. It’s a cozy place and perfect for casual hangouts!


Le Caffee & Salato

Location: Karamunsing Capital, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday – 8.00am to 6.00pm, Sunday & Public Holidays – 10.00am to 6.00pm

Closed every 2nd and 4th Monday. SERVE NO PORK.

Do checkout for their specials and updates on their Instagram.


I'm concocting an exciting blog post on my engagement, so stay tune for that!


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