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My Calmness Goals in 2018

We are reaching the mid of January and I haven’t finalized my goals for 2018 up until last night. Honestly, before this I absolutely have no idea of what kind of goals that I want to set for myself. Because knowing myself, I sometimes tend to over-promise. I still have goals from previous years that I haven’t been able to achieve right until today and I don’t want to repeat that again. So for this year, I want to be able to achieve if not all, at least 80% of my goals.

As I was setting my goals last week, I came across a blog post about setting a word for the whole year. From my understanding, I have to carefully and truthfully choose one word that signifies how I want my year to be. This word plays a part in how I want my year to be and all the goals that I will be creating should be in the realm of the meaning of the word that I’ve chosen. To be able to find the word that I really want to represent my 2018, I used the help of a free “Find A Word” 5 days course by Susannah Conway. You can try out the “Find A Word” free 5-days course here.

After completing the 5-days course, I’ve decided on one word and this is the word that I want to feel for the entire of 2018. And the word is *drumrolls*, Calmness! Yes, my 2018 motto is to be in the calm state of mind and soul as much as I can. Keeping my calm and composure no matter what shit nor shady negativity thrown at me. I know the nature of my job will definitely cause hecticness in my life but I will try as hard as I can to keep myself to go through all the mess, calmly. After deciding the word, I feel that it is right for me to create some goals that I know will give more me calmness. Or should I say, to give me more zen so that my soul can reach Nirvana. *I know I’ve been reading too much reading materials on Buddhism*

So, here goes are my calmness goals for 2018!

Do a monthly ‘Media Detox” for a weekend

I AM ALWAYS ON INSTAGRAM, like seriously. To some people, Facebook is their vice but mine is definitely Instagram. And I definitely consider myself as a Instagram whore! The way I see things, I only will like it if it’s Instagram-worthy; my obsession towards Instagram is to that extend. I would get quite frustrated if the pictures that I took are not Instagram-worthy and I won’t post them. I think it can turn into a disease if I let this slip so I rather do a media detox before things get worse.

Walk after Lunch

This is just to get myself out from the office and get a breather before returning to my cubicle filled with work and responsibilities.

Take more ‘Me’ days

I’ve had a few sessions of ‘me’ days in 2017. I went a few dates with myself where I went to get my brows done, my nails done. I love all of the self-pampering sessions and I wish to do more this year. At least once a month.

Tolerate and tolerate

To those who know me well, they would say that I am among the most tolerable person. This is because I don’t dwell too much in the negativity. I know that I will have to face more challenging people (again, with the nature of my job) and I hope I still have the level tolerance that I have left in me.

Stop impulsive buying

Here’s a thing about me. I love to shop and in the end I will have the problem on where to keep them. Since I am on the project of revamping my bedroom, so I am in need to save money to get myself a new bed and mattress.

Read at least 10 books for 2018

I love reading, reading to me is my sweet escape. There is nothing better than cosying up with a good book. I truly pray that I can finish 10 books this year.

Cook often and try more exciting recipes

Besides reading, I find cooking is soooo therapeutic. To most people it is gross but I loveeee peeling off shells of prawns and de-veining them. It gets my mind away from all the troubles. I would also love to learn how to cook dishes of cuisines that I’ve never attempted to cook before. This should be a good blogging project, no?

Go to bed at reasonable time

My life has been going over 80kmph last year and I have felt burned out so many times in 2017. I need to give my body the rest that she deserves.

Spending more time with people that matter

There are times that I think I spent so much time at work or on my phone. I have a younger sister that will be sitting for her SPM this year and I need to spend more time with her to help her with her studies. I think I haven’t spend much time with my mom too.

Choosing my work outfit the night before

I have problem with picking out what I want to wear to work like every single day and this has made me late to work most of the time. Just like the good old days when we are still in school, we iron our school uniform every night before bed. I need bring this up again into my routine to save up some time for me to get ready every morning.


I’m sure that there will be more goals related to calmness to be added after this. But all I pray is that I get to live the life that I want according to the path that I’ve chosen, Calm.

Here’s to a better year to all of us!

Jess x

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  • Reply Emmitchell M. Sung

    Sya pun mau media detox baru2 ni celcom baikhati pula bagi 10gb khas utk lah ??? all the best! ??

    12th January 2018 at 9:58 PM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      Hahahaha siok jga kna bagi tenet quota utk instagram.. tpi sy nda bole oh.. mesti mo instagram detox ni, bikin distract bt keja baa ??

      12th January 2018 at 10:05 PM
      • Reply Emmitchell M. Sung

        Haha iya..nah makin la berabis scrolling. Ba all da best! ?

        12th January 2018 at 10:09 PM
        • Reply Jessica Justine

          Hehe thank u.. klau ko mau, jom la join.. trus kita bt collab kunu aisehh hahahahaha

          12th January 2018 at 10:10 PM
  • Reply Fay

    Yay to “Media Detox”..Azam sy pun mau kasi kurang2 tu Instagram HAHAHA

    13th January 2018 at 9:04 AM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      Hahahahahaha gila kita kan addicted sma instagram.. rasa mcm setaun blalu klau xcheck sehari pun ?? god help us

      13th January 2018 at 4:41 PM
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    1st February 2018 at 3:50 PM
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