My Life in January ’18 – Monthly Recap

The month of January flew by so fast! January always gets a bad rep for being one of the most depressing months of the year. That my friends that I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree.

As an educator, January is a hectic month for me because I have final exam paper to mark, finalizing students’ final grades, attending long hours of board of exam meetings and whatnot! Doing all that while balancing to keep my cool and find the time to breath. It is a shitty month, guys.

But putting all the depressing things aside, it wasn’t all that bad. It is by trial and tribulations that made us to learn and grow, be even more resilient towards challenges. Am I right? *winks* So let’s go through how my January 2018 was!

The Highlights

Youngest sister’s confirmation

My youngest sister has finally had her confirmation last Sunday at Stella Maris Church, Tanjung Aru. This is the same church where myself, my second sister and my only brother had our confirmation. She almost didn’t get the placing but she perseveres and finally she got it!

I’m finally taking the leap…

.. to start making some serious decision about my future relocation. I am currently in a serious ‘long distance’ relationship with my current boyfriend and he is living in Beaufort. His whole life is there and I don’t think there’s a slight chance that he’s willing to leave his steady job to be with me in Kota Kinabalu after we get married. Putting that into consideration, I have made some small but major moves to prepare myself about moving to the suburb. When I shared to him about my decisions, he is more than happy and super supportive about it. I know he has been wanting to tell me about moving to Beaufort but he’s the type of person that just can’t say it out loud. I’m really sure that both of us know in our hearts that being apart is something that we want to put an end to it. I can only hope that all the actions and decisions I’ve made will pay off to smooth things up for my relocation.

Scary? Yes, it is definitely scary and I have yet to fathom the thought of me living in the suburb. All my life I’ve lived in the city and I’m so used to all the good facilities that the city has like malls, cinemas, the lifestyle. But in the end, I just want to be with Clarence. Home is where your heart is and Clarence is my home.

I learned that Instagram Detox is hard. DAMN HARD!

I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post that I’d do a monthly ‘media detox’, Instagram detox in particular for a weekend (read it here). I did it 2 weeks ago and oh boy it was so hard to do! At first, I only logged out from Instagram hoping that would stop me from opening the app but I was wrong. I had to uninstall the Instagram app from my phone just so that I have absolutely no access to it. The first few hours, I was in excruciating pain. So to curb with the pain, I decided to clean my room, to set my mind away from Instagram. It kind of work but then I turn to Twitter for social media release and I am now active on Twitter again. Please follow me on Twitter and let’s be friends!

So the outcome of the Instagram detox is I have a CLEAN BEDROOM! I can finally get some decorating done and to get a new bed cos right now I have Japanese style bed.

I wonder what will I do with my free time when it’s time for my next Instagram detox.

Cooked BOMB dish that I never thought I could

Cooking is something that I’m passionate about! I love cooking and I’ve been cooking since probably I was 8 or even younger. I love it when I’m in the kitchen and I find cooking very therapeutic. From peeling the head and shell of from prawns to chopping garlic, I love to do all that.

Hence, I’m starting another blog series project on my journey in trying out recipes and cook them. This is to share with all of you my love for cooking as well as to educate myself on dishes from other cuisines. The blog series will be posted monthly whereby I will be trying out new recipes every month. Please look out for the post somewhere in this month.


February is here and Chinese New Year holiday is approaching, excited for that as Clarence and I have a major meet up that’s going to happen. We will also going to celebrate our 1st Valentine’s Day as well as Clarence’s birthday month. Looking forward to all the joyful events that are ahead of us.

Let’s welcome February with an open heart and arms! Until the next post!


Jess x

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  • Reply Massy マツシ一 (@maslight)

    Everyone hates January and Mondays lol. Kesian bah tu hari sama bulan. Anyways, if you ask me to go on an Instagram detox, I can straight up tell u that I can’t at all hahahah. Unless u cut my internet. This year has started kinda good for me, hopefully I can survive this year without running races. Or maybe 1 lah kan? Hehe.

    1st February 2018 at 4:04 PM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      Hahahahaha I’m like u but i just feel that i have to cos i’m on instagram like ALL THE TIME & it’s scary! Sikit2 mo share! That’s why i need reduce my time on instagram. Biar la for the weekend ja hehehe. I registered 1 as for now, the Borneo Women Run then I’m thinking to register BIM HM. Jum laaa ?

      1st February 2018 at 4:19 PM
  • Reply Fay

    Yayy! So happy for you and Clarence bebeh. Don’t forget to invite2 gugu galas kay hehehehehe
    Oh man, paling lama la January sy rasa. Paling lama gaji masuk HAHAHAHA Hopefully February will treat us all gooooodddd! x

    1st February 2018 at 4:43 PM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      Thank u for constant support bebeh! Yaa, mesti jemput baaa

      Sama la, paling lambat la tu gaji masuk then gaji pn lepas 1 bulan lebih ni bah! Praying for a good month this february ?

      2nd February 2018 at 3:03 PM
  • Reply beaty

    hahaha i really cant say no to Instagram. I ve tried not to top up my data for few days just to see how myself reacted but hahaha I just cant.. Instagram is life ??

    1st February 2018 at 4:59 PM
    • Reply Jessica Justine

      Yaaa instagram is my life too but there are good outcomes from not being on instagram for a weekend.. gila nda la sy dapat klau more than that, makin jiwa kacau kali ?

      2nd February 2018 at 3:04 PM
  • Reply Massy

    Mau jua bah but I can’t run steadily and that gets on my nerves sometimes. My sis is joining Borneo Woman Run tu. She asked me to join also but I malas. Hahahahahha save me. Am on Instagram everytime. ? But not willing to stay away.

    1st February 2018 at 8:45 PM
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