My Life in June ’17 – Monthly Recap

Hi guys, I decided to blog about a summary of my life monthly. I know it’s not really a new ‘eureka’ type of idea but I’m pretty sure all bloggers do this kind of post and yours truly here doesn’t want to miss out! It’s going to be my first monthly recap like ever and hopefully I will get to post this every month, together with another monthly project/series that I’m working on, which I’m very excited to finally post it up on this blog of mine. So keep an eye for this new project/series but for now, let’s move on to my 1st monthly recap.

June 2017 has been so good to me, I can’t thank God enough for the bountiful blessings that He has showered upon me. So many good things happened, not forgetting the bad ones but I shall focused on the good, momentous events that occurred.


  • Starting with June 1st, 1st ever dinner with the Curvy Runners. We have been planning for a dinner get-together for so long and finally, it happened. It was also our first debut as Curvy Runners, so we decided to celebrate with a good-wholesome dinner, “all you can eat” Korean BBQ. The price was pretty cheap given that it is an “all you can eat” Korean BBQ whereby you can eat as much meat as you like. The restaurant is called Seoul Garden and the food is AMAZING! One of the members of the Curvy Runners is also a fellow blogger and a bestie of mine, Fay! Shout out to her and please do check out her blog because it is awesome!

  • On June 3rd, enjoyed a whole day of island getaway to Sapi Island as a birthday present for my youngest sister, Jeniffer. It has been so long since her last island trip and since she is always jealous that I get to go to the island so much, I decided to bring her to the island together with our Mom and a cousin to just enjoy the beach, the island life that I love so much. After that particular trip, they know understand why I love going to islands and beaches.

  • I am a person that is so hard to surprise because I get to sniffΒ  any surprises for me. But except on June 6th. I got so surprised when a very dear friend of mine, Anasstasia surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of Lilies. The flowers were sent to my office and I totally didn’t expect it.

  • June 7th is when I received my healthy food package from Signature Market and I did blog about it and you can read about itΒ here.

  • On the 14th of June, I finally hit a milestone on this blog, which I have posted 10 blog posts. It’s a good thing that WordPress has this notification on all the milestones that you hit. It can actually encourage people to blog more.

  • I finally had a girls’s date with my soul sister, Anasstasia, the one who surprised me with the flowers! We went to watch Wonder Woman and it was so damn good! Gal Gadot is so beautiful and strong, she is so perfect to portray Wonder Woman! After the movie, we then had sushi at Sushi King. It was indeed a fun but chilled type of day.

  • June 17th, A VERY AUSPICIOUS DAY! It is the day that I finally became a girlfriend to someone so awesome and his name is Clarence. I was contemplating and a tad bit hesitant whether I should share the news here. But since I’ve become more mature and responsible when it comes to the contents of my blog, so I was like just heck it! I’m sure that there will be posts in the future that I will mention him so might as well just do it! I have yet to announce it on my other social media but I will probably do it soon or on our 1st monthsary. Let’s see how that goes.

  • On June 26th, there was a Family Day from my mom’s side, which my dad was the organizer. The family day was held at Dolime Recreation Park at Kg. Kibunut, Penampang. There’s a river there and too bad that I didn’t bring any spare change of clothes. The river is so clean that I saw so many small fishes swimming. I also drank too much alcohol that day and I got a bad hangover the day after.

  • On the last day of June, I donated blood for a colleague for her blood transfusion . It’s so sad to know that she hasn’t recover from her illness. I hope she continues to fight on and praying so that she will get better soon.

I know that July is going to treat me good because it is the month of my birthday! Have a few things lined up this July and I just cannot wait for my favourite month to come!

Till the next post, Jess x

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