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Jessica Justine aka Jesssjustine 

born in the late 80’s, a product of the 90’s ; an old soul but young at heart

embracing the new, accepting what is, living her life the best she can and how she wanted

Hi there! I am the blogger behind this lifestyle/personal blog, An Enthusiast in Life. Before this blog was created, I have been blogging for my previous blog but after a really long contemplation ( I mean really long like almost half a year), talking it out with a close friend, contemplating again and making a list of pros and cons, I have decided that I am ready for a new journey (in blogging that is). 

I hope that with this new blog, I will be more dedicated to bring up to the plate regular inspirations, interesting blog posts about my normal life, sharing with everybody about my new adventures and experiences; all while staying true to my relaxed-YOLO philosophy, the name of this new blog per se, being really enthusiastic, excited and loving life. So basically, this is the space for me to document all of the above and anything that strike my fancy.

So a little information about me, I always have a passion in writing since I can remember. Hence, becoming a blogger is the rightest thing to do. I am currently residing in the city called Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and balancing life between being an educator, trying out skincare, relaxing on the couch reading, being in the outdoor, traveling and experiencing new and exciting adventures. I won’t lie, I also enjoy being a couch potato, Netflix and chill. A huge Coffee-holic.

Thanks for stopping by and let’s live life!

Jess x

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